Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (2024)

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (1)Sallie McFarlin
2018-12-27 04:17:35 GMT

Very nice travel station and the bathrooms are decent. They have a fast food restaurant here, there is a cinnabon, a hot soup station and they serve pizza as well. A little bit of everything for sale so if you need it they probably have what you need. I was a little turned around looking for the register but I was probably tired and sleepy so I will not count that against the store and the layout. Also, they were pretty busy when we were there and the lines moved pretty quick.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (2)3rdGeneration GermanAMERICAN
2023-11-08 02:53:03 GMT

My mom lost her phone here during a long road trip, and the staff were massively helpful and polite during her drive back to retrieve it.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (3)Greg Butler
2019-03-14 05:56:24 GMT

This place as nice clean and had friendly staff. Also had a Cinnabon and a Wendy's.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (4)Charles Craddock
2023-07-31 19:17:02 GMT

Nice place to stop for gas or rest. Most of the employees are nice and helpful, especially the manager. The place is well kept and clean too.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (5)Wendy Avery
2023-03-21 14:33:04 GMT

They have friendly staff and clean store. They have a big selection of fresh coffee, Cinnabon station, and fresh pizza. Wendy's restaurant is attached to this place also

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (6)Pat Hamilton McMurrey
2022-10-22 23:48:00 GMT

I just stopped for the restroom. The place was very neat and clean. Great restrooms and it looked as if they stock some of almost eveeything.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (7)Davo Faulkner
2019-12-22 02:56:37 GMT

I'm occasionally here (especially at night), and this is a fantastic oasis on the strip in Dickson. They are usually in the top 3 (meaning lowest) for gas prices in the area. Always well-staffed with a great assortment of food--including healthy options. The BEST thing about this place, though, is the grind-and-brew on-demand coffee machines. FANTASTIC!!

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (8)Billie Thomas
2018-07-30 21:58:29 GMT

Stopped in for ice, water, restrooms and lunch. The fuel islands and truck parking lot are set up well. Store was clean and we'll organized. Restrooms clean. They have a Wendy's, which we had for lunch. Staff was friendly and helpful. Food was good.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (9)Cher B_SoCO
2019-01-18 14:38:01 GMT

When taking I-40 through TN, this is a regular stop for me. Quick & friendly staff. Clean restrooms. Well lit. Cinnamon, soup bar & the last time I was there they had a Wendy's. Great truck stop/gas station. Usually fairly busy but the staff works hard to get you taken care of quickly.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (10)YouTube Junkie
2021-01-21 15:26:29 GMT

Nice store and friendly folks. Under a little construction at the moment though. Wendy's is good as usual. The lady that waited on me (at Wendy's) is always friendly and polite. I think her name is mary beth. 5 stars all day

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (11)Vivian Brown
2019-09-17 05:28:47 GMT

Clean, clean, clean! Friendly employees, greeted as I walked in! Variety of products offered to meet multiple travel needs. Food was served appropriate temperature! Competitive pricing, ability to earn points for future discounts!

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (12)Mz JuJu
2018-12-06 07:52:00 GMT

The cleanest restrooms, friendly staff, I felt it be a safer area not a lot of drama or rift raft as we had to park over night here. They have several food selections and more fresh items than traditional truck stops.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (13)Frances Sawrie
2022-05-05 12:54:36 GMT

Crystal was professional, helpful and kind to me during my stop at this pilot station yesterday. I really appreciated her attitude. I called this morning to thank her and Charles was equally polite and professional. Thanks!

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (14)Jessica Castano
2018-09-14 21:48:06 GMT

I stop here almost every time I make the trip between Chattanooga and Memphis. It's always clean and the people are super friendly. With as much traffic as I'm sure they get through here, you wouldn't think you'd get as much personal service as you do. It'll definitely continue to be a frequent stop for me.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (15)Error 404
2019-02-27 05:51:04 GMT

Very welcoming customer service, clean bathrooms, quick and attentive employees, you can tell they really care. Good prices on cigarettes, gas and diesel. My daily stop for things I need for the day.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (16)Jason Allen
2017-08-20 19:41:30 GMT

Super clean and very friendly staff. Showers are well maintained with good pressure and super clean. Young Man that is the Manager on duty when I stopped by on Sunday was super polite and friendly. He's definitely an asset to the company!

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (17)Emily Campbell
2019-12-25 19:46:21 GMT

Great interstate stop! We love stopping here for Wendy's (the only place at this busy exit open on Christmas Day, which we so much appreciated this year) and the pizza they make in the store. There's also Cinnabon, clean restrooms, and pretty much everything you could want in a travel stop.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (18)Betty White
2018-03-17 06:51:06 GMT

I get my gas there whenever I go to Dickson, TN. Their gas is usually cheaper than anyone else. Bathroom is always clean. Workers are always nice. Close to I40. It is a busy place. Has a Wendy's inside to eat in.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (19)Cheree edmondson
2019-03-18 15:22:00 GMT

Great gas station, I always stop here when I head out of town or to Nashville! As soon as you enter the building, you smell delicious Cinnabon. This morning I ordered a cinnamon churro, it was okay but the cinnamon rolls are the best. The gas prices are very reasonable! The restrooms are large & clean. The Wendy's connected to the store is very fast and always fresh.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (20)al Echols
2019-07-06 13:17:32 GMT

We always stop at this Pilot's travel center they are always nice very busy and have reasonable prices on gas and all types of products. We've been using this particular one for years. Good job.

Pilot Travel Center, Dickson Reviews (2024)
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