Here's How Bekka Bramlet Wound Up Joining Fleetwood Mac After Stevie Nicks' Departure (2024)

Bands often rotate or swap out band members for any plethora of reasons including touring conflicts, issues with traveling Visas, substance abuse and treatment, and unfortunately death. Bands like Deep Purple, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac have all had their line-ups changed over the years.

Fleetwood Mac specifically had quite the rotating cast of talented characters, with many only joining for a short amount of time before either leaving or being forced out. Bekka Bramlett was one of Fleetwood Mac's short-lived members, lending her vocals to the band following the departure of all three of the band's main and major vocalists.

Bramlett knew she had big shoes to fill and did her best to separate herself, both physically and sonically, from Stevie Nicks during her time with Fleetwood Mac. And while that time was short-lived, she seemed to enjoy her time, even if it abruptly ended upon the return of some older band members.

Bramlett Had Worked With Mick Fleetwood Before

Mick Fleetwood is one of the founding members of the iconic band Fleetwood Mac alongside John McVie and Peter Green. The band got its start in the late 1960s and saw a rotating cast of characters come and go both as a main part of the band and during tours

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Mick Fleetwood eventually worked on side projects, as other members of the band did as well, and formed the band Mick Fleetwood's Zoo in 1983, with vocalist Bekka Bramlett joining less than 10 years later.

Bekka Bramlett was born into a talented family. Her parents, Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett, are considered icons in blues and rock music, and grew up around musicians like John Lennon and George Harrison.

Here's How Bekka Bramlet Wound Up Joining Fleetwood Mac After Stevie Nicks' Departure (1)

Bekka Bramlett was just 24 when she joined the band after telling guitarist and vocalist Billy Thorpe "I'll sing the [crap] out of that."

Billy Thorpe and Mick Fleetwood were immediately taken with the young vocalist, with Thorpe commenting on how he and Bekka "have a meld" with no clash.

She Joined Fleetwood Mac Following Stevie Nicks' Departure

By 1994, Mick Fleetwood reunited with John McVie to tour as Fleetwood Mac once again. The line-up for the band was different from what most were used to as Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, and Christine McVie, the three singers, were not participating this go around.

Their replacements included Dave Mason of Traffic fame, long-time rockabilly singer Billy Burnette and Bekka Bramlett, who already had working experience with Mick Fleetwood. This version of Fleetwood Mac recorded and released just one album in 1995 called Time.

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While the band was still incredibly talented, both Bekka Bramlett and Mick Fleetwood had their own unique thoughts on this time period in Fleetwood Mac's history. According to Mick Fleetwood, "We ended up with a bunch of talented people playing good music, but they should not have been touring as Fleetwood Mac."

"There were too many essential pieces missing from the machine this time. We were a totally different band, with only the original drummer and bass player, and our original name."

Here's How Bekka Bramlet Wound Up Joining Fleetwood Mac After Stevie Nicks' Departure (2)

Bekka Bramlett admits that she knew her "job was to get Stevie back" and that taking on the role "was a dangerous job" but that she just wanted to be her on stage.

"I didn't want to wear a top hat. I didn't want to twirl around. I wanted to be me."

Bekka Bramlett even dyed her hair darker to make her appearance different from that of Stevie Nicks so fans in the "cheap seats" knew it wasn't Nicks up on stage as to have anyone feeling "let down."

Stevie Nicks Said Bekka Bramlett Over-Sings

Bekka Bramlett attempted to be as respectful of Stevie Nicks as possible. She made it a point to not sing Fleetwood Mac songs that were not her own, knowing that "There is no replacing Stevie Nicks" and she had no desire to sing any of her songs because "that would be weird."

The two powerhouse vocalists did eventually meet, although their interaction wasn't exactly positive, with Stevie Nicks being a little cold with Bramlett, a move that she claims to understand given the situation.

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Bekka Bramlett says that Stevie said "Oh I didn't know she was blonde. And she over-sings," something that apparently other members of the band had touched on as well.

As much as Bramlett respects Stevie Nicks and understands why her reception was lukewarm, she was still hurt about being let go from the bank once Stevie and some of the previous line-up decided they wanted back in.

Here's How Bekka Bramlet Wound Up Joining Fleetwood Mac After Stevie Nicks' Departure (3)

"I felt broken. What you have to understand is that Mick and I were the guys that did all the radio and promotion and TV stuff. We did all of it. I was definitely looking forward to the tour we had already just promoted. Evidently someone said, 'Get her out of here.'"

Unfortunately for Bramlett, it doesn't seem that she ever stood a chance to develop the closeness that Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie had with one another during their time together.

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Here's How Bekka Bramlet Wound Up Joining Fleetwood Mac After Stevie Nicks' Departure (2024)
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