Garcelle Beauvais Is Joining "The Real" as a Co-Host in Season 7 (2024)

  • The Real, an award-winning daily talk show, is returning for its seventh season on September 21.
  • Garcelle Beauvais is joining as the show's latest co-host, following the departure of Tamera Mowry-Housley.
  • Here's everything you need to know about the upcoming season of The Real.

The Real, the award-winning daily talk show, is returning to Fox on September 21st for its seventh season. That means more hilarious interactions, celebrity interviews, and genuine moments that feel—well, for lack of a better word, real.

With more than two million subscribers on YouTube and 1.9 million fans on Instagram, The Real is the most-followed roundtable TV talk show on social media—and it's easy to see why. Since 2013, The Real has highlighted women of color more than any other show on daytime TV, making room for a rotating group of charismatic hosts.

Come season 7, The Real's winning roundtable format isn't going anywhere—but there will be some changes. Namely, Tamera Mowry-Housley is exiting the show after six seasons (though you can watch her when Sister Sister premieres on Netflix in September). She will be replaced by Garcelle Beauvais, who made history as the first Black cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“I am thrilled to be joining the dynamic, bold and diverse women on the award-winning talk show The Real,” Beauvais said, per Variety. “My love for pop culture and news, blended with my natural gift of gab, has always made me gravitate towards a talk show environment. It’s also exciting that it’s happening right after my amazing time joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills."

Here's what else you need to know about the upcoming season.

The seventh season of The Real will premiere on September 21.

Featuring a brand new line-up, the show will start back up on Monday, September 21. The Real typically airs on Fox stations. But, you don't have to wait until Septemberthere are re-runs airing throughout August.

Tamera Mowry-Housely is leaving The Real after six seasons.

Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Adrienne Houghton will be returning as co-hosts of The Real—but Tamera Mowry-Housely, who had been with the show from the start, will not be. Mowry-Housely announced that she would be leaving The Real in July, months after her former co-host Amanda Seales's departure.

"All good things must come to an end, and it’s with a bittersweet smile that I announce that I am moving on from The Real. To my fellow hosts, I love you, I will miss you, and I will always be there for you. Thank you for teaching me, supporting me and loving all of me. Sisters forever. I’ll be rooting for you, as I look forward to spending more time with my family, pursuing amazing new opportunities and embarking on the next chapter of my life," she wrote on Instagram.

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Garcelle Beauvais is joining as The Real's newest co-host.

The revolving door of Real co-hosts continues with the addition to Garcelle Beauvais to the roundtable. “I am beyond beyond excited to share this news that I am the new cohost of @therealdaytime,” Beauvais, 53, wrote on her Instagram page.

The Haitian-born actress has appeared across movies and TV—though she's best known for playing Francesca "Frankie" Monroe, Jamie Foxx's character's love interest, on The Jamie Foxx Show, and lawyer Valerie Heywood on NYPD Blue. In 2020, she made history as the first Black cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsyou can see her in the show's 10th season, currently airing.

As an actress, immigrant, self-professed pop culture obsessive, mother to three sons, and a recent grandmother, Beauvais will bring a unique perspective to the show's line-up.

Yay! So how can I watch The Real?

The Real is syndicated through Fox-owned and-operated stations around the country, so you can input your zip code into their search engine on The Real's website to find out where the show airs near you and what time it's on—typically 11 a.m. EST. The show also airs reruns nightly on BET, which means viewers can stream the show on (with a cable login), and can access BET through Hulu's Live TV plan or via Sling. If all else fails, you can watch clips on YouTube or Instagram.

The talk show will be filmed remotely.

Along with the majority of fall TV, The Real has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The Real is one of many unscripted shows to be filmed remotely, like The View, The Talk, and even portions of Good Morning America.

While tweeting about the production change, Loni Love couldn't help but add, "This year is the worst."

Certainly, it's been a hard year for many—which is why we need The Real's co-hosts' energy more than ever. Stay tuned for information about featured guests, and more.

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Garcelle Beauvais Is Joining "The Real" as a Co-Host in Season 7 (2024)
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