Black Pepper Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry Recipe (2024)

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Really good recipe! I added more cabbage per suggestions, doubled the spice mix, and added chicken stock thickened with a bit of cornstarch at the end to make a bit of sauce. The chicken stock helped to deglaze the pan a bit too. I didn't have sherry vinegar but apple cider vinegar with a pinch of sugar worked out well. Also, as a tip, putting the beef in the freezer for about 20 minutes will help make the thin slicing easier. Next time I may add sliced red onions to the pan for more flavor.

Kevin Osinski

Not in my experience. Thinly sliced as specified and stir-fried on high heat for about 5 minutes, it will be crispy, starting to brown, and cooked just enough to lose its bitterness and turn a little sweet. It’s my favorite way to cook green cabbage. Try it!


I'll take whatever heat, spice, salts, alliums, cheeses, alcohols, and vinegars you don't want.

Boyd Tracy

Disagree with Leslie want the cabbage crispy!


Surprised by some of the lukewarm reviews - one of the best NYT recipes I've made recently. Easy, healthy, and filing, where don't even need the rice. The recipe is written a little strangely and seems to assume people today don't have Asian equipment/ingredients. I used a wok. Use a mortar/pestle for peppercorns and sesame. I've never owned sherry vin., so subbed half rice wine vin. and shaoxing (often see this sub suggested the other way). Re: the great cabbage debate, 5 min was fine for me!


This was outstanding and I actually made it with sliced chicken breast because that’s what I had. I also added half a diced onion and some julienned carrots along with the cabbage to up the veggie content. Otherwise made as written. The coating kept the chicken nice and juicy. I like this recipe during Covid times because I’m only shopping once every 2 weeks, and cabbage keeps forever in the fridge. A good dish for one of the last nights of a shopping cycle.


I added a grating of ginger and really loved it with the peppery spice.


I know many families with young children who like spice and heat. My now-9-year-old was enjoying pickled jalapeños, bleu cheese, and Sriracha at 2. For her third birthday she requested smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwiches with red onion. Her current favorite food is salmon roe nigiri sushi...and her palate isn’t exactly jaded.In my experience, children who are fed only bland foods will only like bland foods. To each their own. Reduce or eliminate ingredients you don’t like.

Alexa Weibel, Senior Staff Editor, NYT Cooking

I made this recipe exactly as is and it is SPECTACULAR! I suppose I may have to make one change next time, since my husband and I devoured it all at once: I’ll double the entire recipe so I end up with leftovers to look forward to!


My partner & I made this last night with a few changes. Used Napa cabbage, sliced on the bias. Pounded a little more garlic (5 cloves) to a paste with salt for the marinade. Used 2 tbsp of coarsely ground pepper (from a mill), & did not attempt the crushing of sesame seeds with fingertips or nails. A mortar seemed saner. 4 - 5 hours of marinating, & delicious. Will certainly make again!

Rohn Jay Miller

This is an interesting opportunity to use Chinese Szechuan peppercorns, which are central in @clarkbar's delicious "Cumin Lamb Stir Fry:" ( These peppercorns have a strong flavor, so use less, more like 1 teaspoon rough ground in this recipie.


This would be a good review without negative assumptions about why others like ingredients that do not please you. But also it's a fairly adaptable recipe, for instance, with my preference of pork tenderloin over beef sirloin.


Zowie! Simple and delicious. I might use a little less salt and oil next time. I also cooked the steak and cabbage less than indicated, given my very hot cast iron frying pan, and thinly sliced steak and cabbage. It was a perfect, fast, delicious, and healthy meal.This is the easiest stir-fry that I know.


The cabbage is supposed to be "crisp-tender". Any longer than 7 minutes and it would be soggy, which would not work well with stir fry.

Sarah T

Super easy and very delicious!


I don't know what went wrong. I had high expectations based on all the reviews. I thought the taste boring and texture too dry. I will not make again.

RQS Toronto

2x the recipe but came out somewhat bitter. Also used the Szechuan peppercorns (on third of all pepper). Not sure what went wrong.


Add more cabbage!


I really liked this recipe. It was simple and well constructed. I didn’t scan my fridge well before buying the ingredients and I found out when I started to prep that I was out of Soy Sauce (impossible, I know!). I substituted Worcestershire Sauce equally and it still came out great. I had a lonely zucchini in the fridge so I sliced it up and cooked it with the cabbage and it added a nice crunch without overwhelming the rest of the dish. I plan on adding this recipe to my permanent rotation


I really enjoyed this. Made for a quick and delicious lunch. I used about a teaspoon and a half of coarsely ground pepper instead of whole peppercorns, smashed, because I did not want to chew large pieces of peppercorn. Other than that made as written. Def recommend.


So delicious! Made exactly as written using a wok. Will double next time to have bigger portions for our family of 2 adults, 2 kids. Even the moderately picky child asked for seconds. One note: Next time, I’ll shred the cabbage wider and cook for less time. 5 minutes in the pan was too much and we prefer it crunchier. Toasting the sesame seeds was worth it!


I made this with chicken instead of beef. It was very good! Will come back to it for quick weeknight dinners.


Double spice for steak!!


This was very good. Made almost as written, except more garlic (about 8 cloves total), and added a pint of button mushrooms. Used Szechuan peppercorns. Will absolutely make again. Hubs loved it.

Elaine G

I liked this, but felt the amount of crushed black peppercorns was too much. I would try it again with maybe a 1/2 teaspoon of GROUND black pepper. (Crushed leaves too much of the intensity which overpowered the flavors of everything else in this dish.) But I will try it again!


A few things didn’t work for me. Steak cook time seemed too long as it was very tough. Also, I like black pepper, but this was just too much. And agree that the cabbage cooks down so could be increased. Sauce flavor was nice so I’ll try again perhaps with slightly thicker slices, shorter cook time, and half the pepper and add more at the end if needed.

Padré J

Delicious, and easy. My only change was to use more garlic and pound of beef. I'll make this again, soon.

Andrew C

Delicious. I added grated ginger, Birds Eye chili and shallot. Great weeknight meal.

Jane L.

This was delicious. I made it with already cooked boneless ribeye steak. I used red cabbage because that it what I had and apple cider vinegar. Great way to use leftover steak. We loved it.

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Black Pepper Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry Recipe (2024)
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