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Where some see impossible, we see what’s possible. At Nuvance Health®, we continually strive for progress and push past the status quo in all aspects of what we do. We are Nuvance Health!

Nuvance Health: Why Choose Us?

Our hospitals, medical practices and care centers are located throughout New York’s Hudson Valley and Western Connecticut. At every location, you’ll find:

  • Excellent, convenient care:

    You don’t need to travel to get the care you deserve. At Nuvance Health, we match major medical center standards of care and innovation with the comforts and familiarity of a community health system.

  • Personalized approach:

    We understand each person is unique, and your care should be as well. We take time to get to know you so we can tailor care plans to meet your needs and lifestyle.

  • Connected team:

    You have the full strength of our talented team on your side. Our specialists collaborate to create a customized, comprehensive care plan just for you.

  • Access:

    From Telehealth Visitsto Urgent Care, our care teams are here when you need us, on your time.


Nuvance Health is an integrated health system offering convenient, accessible and affordable care to community members. We’re here for you–whenever and wherever you need us. Our talented team of more than 15,000 compassionate caregivers provides high-quality care through:

  • Community hospitals
  • Primary care and specialty practice locations
  • Outpatient settings
  • Home care services
  • Telehealth visits

Our network also includes a well-known research institute, which brings breakthroughs from the lab directly to the bedside. We take research to heart and focus on treatments and cures that will benefit our community.

Whether you need emergency care, help managing a disease or medical condition, or simply a partner to help you stay healthy–look no further. We provide medical care when you and your family members need it, and we help you achieve optimal health.

Come explore our services. Experience firsthand what it's like to be cared for by a medical team that wants to be your partner in health and exists to pursue the impossible on your behalf.

Be well,

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John M. Murphy, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer

Two States–One Team

At Nuvance Health, we match the care and innovation of a major medical center with the comforts and familiarity of a community healthcare system. We deliver care through:

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Our Hospitals

Our seven community hospital locations offer 24/7 emergency services, including comprehensive care and expertise for cancer, heart and vascular conditions, neurosciences and more. Find us in:


  • Danbury Hospital
  • New Milford Hospital
  • Norwalk Hospital
  • Sharon Hospital

New York

  • Northern Dutchess Hospital
  • Putnam Hospital
  • Vassar Brothers Medical Center

Nuvance Health Medical Practice

Our physician-led medical practices coordinate preventive and specialty care to help you live your healthiest-possible life. Our physicians and advanced practitioners work to simplify and streamline care through our integrated system. You’ll have access to greater coordination and feel cared for and supported.

Learn More about Nuvance Health Medical Practice

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Home Care

With home care staff in Connecticut and New York, we bring care right to you. Services include nursing, rehabilitation, dietitians, home care aides and personal care attendants. Learn more about Home Care.

Our Leadership

Executive team

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Jean Ahn

Chief Strategy Officer

About Us | Nuvance Health (6)

Katie Cullinan

Chief Human Resources Officer

About Us | Nuvance Health (7)

Dan DeBarba

Chief Financial Officer

About Us | Nuvance Health (8)

Dereck DeLeon, MD

Chief Academic Officer

About Us | Nuvance Health (9)

Geoff Hook

Chief Information Officer

About Us | Nuvance Health (10)

Diane Kantaros, MD

Chief Quality Officer

About Us | Nuvance Health (11)

Chris Lehrach, MD, MBA

Chief Physician Executive

About Us | Nuvance Health (12)

Grace Linhard

Chief Development Officer

About Us | Nuvance Health (13)

Wayne McNulty, JD

Chief Compliance Officer

About Us | Nuvance Health (14)

Michelle Robertson

Chief Operating Officer

About Us | Nuvance Health (15)

Brian Wyatt

Chief Legal Counsel

Hospital leadership

About Us | Nuvance Health (16)

Sharon Adams

President, Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital & Home Care

About Us | Nuvance Health (17)

Susan Browning

President, Vassar Brothers Medical Center

About Us | Nuvance Health (18)

Peter Cordeau

President, Norwalk Hospital

About Us | Nuvance Health (19)

Mark Hirko, MD, FACS

President, Putnam Hospital

About Us | Nuvance Health (20)

Denise George

President, Northern Dutchess Hospital

About Us | Nuvance Health (21)

Christina McCulloch

President, Sharon Hospital

  • Nuvance Health Board of Directors

    Anne Roby,Chair
    Steven Lant,Vice Chair
    Elizabeth Bradley
    Salvatore Calta
    Joseph DiVestea
    Robert Dyson
    Mark Gudis
    Richard Jabara
    Donald C. Jones
    Daniel McCarthy
    Michael Nesheiwat, MD
    Gregory Rakow
    S. Javed Shahid, MD
    Ervin Shames
    John M. Murphy, MD (ex officio)

Medical Education

Nuvance Health is a clinical training site for students, residents and fellows. Trainees benefit because of our commitment to exceptional care, first-rate teaching, a diverse patient population and strides in population health.Learn more about our medical education programs.

As an independent academic medical system, Nuvance Health delivers medical education through academic affiliations and alliances with:

  • American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine
  • Marist College
  • Mount Saint Mary College
  • Norwalk Community College
  • Ross University School of Medicine
  • Sacred Heart University
  • The Robert Larner, MD College of Medicine at The University of Vermont
  • Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine–Middletown
  • Western Connecticut State University
  • Yale School of Medicine


Now more than ever, philanthropy fuels our vision for excellence. Thanks to your generous contributions we develop better treatments and equip tomorrow’s healthcare workforce with tools to better care for you and your neighbors. Learn more about Nuvance Health Foundations.

About Us | Nuvance Health (2024)
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